Apartment Inspo

I'm super excited about this post! It's all about my apartment inspiration, from the bedroom to the bathroom, and everything in between. Most of the images look pretty similar, which I'm just now noticing...clearly I know what I want!

For the bedroom, my main focus is linen. Lots and lots of linen. My color scheme centers on pink (obviously), white, and gray, with pops of blue or green.



For the living room, the star of the show will be a pink sofa. I've been on the hunt for my favorite one, but it's been a bit tricky. Other than that, the colors follow from my bedroom, but I also want to incorporate black accents and more copper pieces!

Living Room


I also want an area of my living room to be my 'office,' a place where I can work, study, and plan. 

Since I'm not renovating my apartment, I don't have the biggest say in what the bathroom looks like. The walls, floors, tiles, countertop, sink, and cabinets cannot be changed. So, I'll have to add flair with accents wherever possible. Pink is obviously still a unifying color, but I appreciate more neutral tones in bathrooms, such as sand, light gray, and white.



My kitchen is basically an extension of the living room and like the bathroom, it comes with cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc. Luckily, I love that they are mostly white!! I plan to use pink dinnerware from Ikea and copper accents. The images below might be more helpful for future home renovations but oh well.

The funny thing about my kitchen taste is that I like both really modern and really rustic kitchens! Maybe I'll be more decisive when I'm older? One thing I know - I better own a pink SMEG fridge.




I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! If you want to see more of my apartment inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here: