City Scenes: New York

New York: scenes from the city. black & white w/ pops of red & green. lots of melting ice cream.


Greecologies: everything is delicious here. standouts are the greek salad & yogurt w/ rose preserves

Morgenstern's: don't miss the intensely black, subtly coconut-flavored "coconut ash" ice cream

Seed + Mill: goat milk soft serve w/ halva crumbles

Café Zaiya: black sesame & green tea soft serve


Union Square Greenmarket (produce & peonies!)

Row boats on the pond in Central Park

Take photos in front of the murals on Kenmare Street

New York Public Library + Bryant Park


Nolitan Hotel: in my favorite neighborhood of new york (nolita)! don't miss the rooftop & be sure to borrow one of their bikes for free & ride around the city