Yucatan Road Trip

Yucatan, Mexico: architectural, colorful, historic, and unexpected

This was such a wild trip. My family and I rented a car in the Yucatan Peninsula and drove all around Mexico. We stayed in Valladolid and Merida, with side trips to ancient ruins and pink beaches.


To be honest, I thought I sort of liked Mexican food. Nope. The "Mexican" food of LA is the complete opposite of traditional Yucatan cuisine. I barely survived off of gas station cookies and chips. I wish I had more to recommend here. Rosas y Xocolate hotel in Merida served exceptional food though!


Las Coloradas - this is the spot for that magnificent pink water. It's very difficult to get to, and you'll think you're headed in the wrong direction, but stay strong. Definitely download the map directions before leaving as you will lose service.

Wander around the boutiques and markets of Merida!

Ancient ruins...


Coqui Coqui in Valladolid

Rosas y Xocolate in Merida

historic hotel?