i turned 21!!!!


i woke up at 6:30am like it was christmas morning & i felt older & bolder & genuinely happy. i spent the entire weekend celebrating with my closest friends. 




- Quality Eats birthday cake dessert: chocolate malt ice cream, cream cheese frosting, funfetti cake crumbles, & sprinkles!

- photoshoot w/ balloons because balloons are my favorite

- a solo trip to Grand Banks for my first legal drink of rosé, strawberry, & cucumber + oysters + watermelon salad

- a box of wrapped goodies from my mama

- momofuku milk bar birthday cake (the absolute best)

- McCarren Hotel & Pool evening swim, followed by cake, drinks at Wythe Hotel, and a superb dinner at Lilia


thank you to all who helped me ring in a new year 'round the sun!